Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spring In The Garden

I am loving this time of year. At last the rain and cold is gone and I can get out into the sun and the garden. This is what's happening in the garden:

 The Youngberries are looking quite healthy this year, so maybe we will actually get to eat some this year?
 The Cecile Brunner rose, as per usual, is not failing to please. I love this climbing rose with its perfect miniture pink roses. It is a huge climber,and when it is covered in blooms, it is beautiful!
 The compost pile is getting bigger and bigger, full of grass clippings and pulled weeds. A wet winter has meant rampant growth of all the wrong things: particularly kikuya grass, which is a nightmare to deal with.
 My beautiful healthy lemon tree is cover in blossom. It smells so lovely!
 The sugar snaps peas are finished. We had a fabulous crop this year - they were sweet and crisp and abundant.
I am still waiting on the cabbages to grow a full head. I have a feeling they may not fill out as the rabbits ate them down to stumps 3 months ago, and although they've grown back, they are kind of leafy and empty.I shall give them a bit longer. I'd like to be able to eat them, but we do need the room for summer vegies.
 Potatoes have been planted.
 Lettuces are still growing and producing lovely salad leaves.
 The beautiful Cistus is flowering again. It seems to flower repeatedly. It's such a pleasre, so I keep planting more. I think the terraced bank will end up being completely covered with cistus. It's perfect because it doesn't mind dry sandy soil. Everything that fails on the terraced bank is removed and replaced with cistus.
The Geranium is flowering and looking stunning. I love these "true" geraniums, with their fern like leaves and big bouquet of stunning blooms.

It has been ages since I last posted on the blog. Clearly being a working mama leaves me little time for it. I hope I will have more time for it. I am on school holidays now, so I have had time to get into the garden and take some pictures for the blog too. It is amazing how much work gets in the way of life!

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