Monday, July 9, 2012

Why I Work

I suppose it is a "no-brainer", most of us work to earn money. That's the biggest reason to go out to work isn't it? But having had a chance to think about it as I strolled on the beach yesterday morning, I realise, for me, going to work is about much more than the money.

I've also loved my role as a "stay at home mum", because I do love being at home, I love nurturing - my family, my garden, my home.And if I wasn't a super-consumer, like most Australians, then I could perhaps afford to be at home full-time.But there's more to working than just the money.

Here's why I like going to work:
  1. I can be appreciated for the work I do. That's not to say that I don't feel rewarded and appreciated at home, but, the appreciation is shown, most obviously, through a pay-slip I receive fortnightly. My colleagues and employer also show appreciation for what I do, as do my clientele (occasionally!They are teenagers, after all).
  2. I get to spend time with adults. I can do that at home too, but not as much. Our conversations are interesting and stimulating. We share a common goal and work together (for the most part). I really do like many of the people I work with, enjoy their company,and we laugh all the time.
  3. I get to dress up in nice clothes. Okay,  that sounds shallow, but I admit it, I love clothes, I love textiles, and love having an excuse to buy clothes and shoes. I've always loved textiles, since I was a little girl. My mother is a keen crafter and seamstress, so I was exposed to fabric at a very young age. My mother gave me a treddle sewing machine when I was eight, and I spent many happy hours designing and making doll's clothes. I was pretty good, and soon the neighbourhood children were paying me to sew an outfit for their doll! At university I would earn extra cash sewing ball gowns for my friends. I don't have a lot of time to sew now, but still love all things fabric,patterns and sewing notions. Now I have to buy clothes for work,and it is one of the things I love. I love getting bargains from the op-shop and tend to buy most of my clothes from Ebay. Although I have more than I need, at least I'm trying to recycle!I suppose I could dress up in nice clothes if I wasn't working, but I don't think I could afford to, nor would it feel justified.
  4. I also do love my job as a teacher, so going to work, and doing what I do is stimulating. My brain is being used.I practice the skills I've gained over the years. I get pleasure from doing it well.

As for why I don't like going out to work outside of the home - that's a whole other post.

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