Saturday, July 7, 2012

Helloooo...I'm over here now.

It didn't seem right, nor have I had time to post in, a blog called "angie at home", because now I'm spending 4 days at work!

I can't say it is the perfect balance, but I can say I'm really happy to be back working, and although time is always lacking for the things I like to do, things are okay.

This new blog is about finding a balance. It's about how to cope with being mama,wife,house-keeper and holding down a job (or even a "career" if you like). It's about short-cuts to keep a girl sane. It's about loving what you do as  much as you can, even if you feel stretched.

Hopefully, I'll make some time (yep- recipe coming right up...ha ha) to post more often in the blog. Perhaps I'll even take some new photographs.

So, welcome to the new blog.


  1. Hi Angie, love the look of your new blog and have been missing reading your Angie at home posts. Hope life is not too hectic, juggling it all and you find the time to breathe, relax and share some stories. Love, Lou xx

  2. Hi Lou,it's nice to hear from you.I hope I'll think of something to write about soon...