Thursday, July 23, 2015

It's been a while....

Oh my goodness. It's been over a year since I wrote on my blog! Mainly because my life really is "workingmamamadness". It's just so hard to fit everything in! Let alone writing in a blog.

Life goes on. It is pretty much the same as it ever was. The kids keep growing older. I keep growing older. I still get out to the garden when I can, and have some lovely vegetables growing. I'm working full-time, which takes up a lot of time. I still enjoy teaching, and this year I have some very nice classes, I enjoy the company of my comrades (fellow teachers), and do so love the pay-packet.

I'm still knitting when I get a chance and when I am not too exhausted. It's hard to pick up the knitting after a long day, as I usually just nod off in front of the television!

I'm now trying to prioritise my health and fitness. It's always been important to me, but I now really do "walk the walk", making the most of my gym membership, going to Zumba, Core strength training and Bodybalance classes as much as I can manage. I enjoy being fit and try to keep at it.

It really is a big juggle: parenthood, wifehood, working, being a good friend and family member. But I'm not complaining. I love almost everything about my life, I just wish it didn't wear me out so much!

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